We (Well, Our "Box", actually...) Strongly Suspect(s) Your Future Culpability, In A, Quite Wide, Variety Of..."Crimes"...


How much of our autonomy, freedom, and "sovereignty", will we eventually have to relinquish to the ultra-magical, and eerily quizzical, "Black Box" of "Artificial Intelligence"?

By alluding to the term black box, we refer to our notion that arch-technocrats will eventually attempt to get us all to believe that they have magical premonitory powers. The effort to achieve this, remarkably deft, feat of legerdemain, absolutely, hinges on their convincing us that the arcane, byzantine, and, ultimately, ineffable devices that they build are, simply, "right", about a staggering breadth of things, which have historically been the purview of regular Jane's and Joe's (J's & J's).

We're sure we must have pointed this out before but, because it is such a seminal notion, we'll just reiterate here and, likely, ad nauseam in future. It goes a little something like this:

    Technocrat:          "Wow, you dummies were gonna commit some crazy crimes!"

    Average J's & J's:   "What? Dude, you're trippin'."

    Technocrat:          "No man, really, it's so good we stopped you, before you could kill-rob-rape..."

    Average J's & J's:   "F' you buddy, how, in the hell, are you presuming to know the future!?"

    Technocrat:          "Oh, no, dummy, you misunderstand me. It is not I who see the future, but this ultra-magical, 
                         trans-dimensional, black box that I have created, in my infinite logos; which, by the way,
                         is never wrong, about anything, ever..."

    Average J's & J's:   "Oh, so glad that you've taken the time to express to me your delusional fallacies; *_!!BLUDGEON!!_*"

All of this, peculiar sort, of "love and gentleness", and more, await you in the bright, shining, and cruelly designed new future; rejoice!

"Word to your shackles, yo!"

"The Norwegian government collects massive amounts of data about its citizens and associates it with a single identification file.

Berk hopes to crunch the data from the files of children and their parents to see if he can predict from the circumstances of their birth whether a child will commit a crime before their 18th birthday. The problem here is that newborn babies haven't done anything yet.

The possible outcome of Berk's experiment would be to pre-classify some children as 'likely criminals' [ERN - Man...give us an f'in break with this, darkly prurient, and psycho-socially bigoted, b.s.] based on nothing more than the circumstances of their birth."

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