Nano-Robotics, It's in the Blood


Merrily we skip, down the primrose path, gayley frolicking amongst the butterflies and the bees, with nary a care, and with a light song in our cherubic hearts, beating so cleanly in our collectively naive breast; and that, is the kind of Pollyanna-type thinkin' that is going to get us all roasted, very evenly, from the inside out.

As we have previously pointed out, you do not want evil gunk inside your body (apart from the odd PBR, or double-layer crunchwrap, etc.), as we have taken the effort to point out here, and perhaps most laughingly, here (what...a...maroon...)

Good people of planet Earth, do not take any wooden nickels. Of course the road to Evil Robot dominion will be paved with rosy-cheeked promises of medical miracles and exhortations expounding the rapidly approaching one-hour work week. The Technocratic Overlords have always been especially skilled with the presentation of "the carrot", you don't have to stretch your memory too far though, we hope, back into the mists of time to remember though, our very rigorous, and clearly extant acquaintances, instead, with "the stick". Remember, for instance, these highly stylized attempts at social distortion?:

Obviously, the level of psycho-social sophistication has had to have been kicked up a few notches (that should be a sweet, sweet comfort to both you "big gals and little gals"), but you get the idea.

So, what have we below, but the greatest, whiz-bang, body supporting, gee-whiz, cornucopia of medical miracles that us genius man-monkeys could have ever dreamt up, gosh darn it! It's a jolly flotilla of plasma-swimming robots that'll gobble up all your bad cancers and gallstones. Not only do they swim around in your blood, but also take their source of power from your yummy life juice as well (that is to say, they, literally, eat you to survive not, ironically, unlike cancer itself), and then fade away harmlessly; no fuss, no muss!

image: Coneyl Jay / Getty Images

Exercise caution in your daily Evil Robotic affairs.

"As far as Samuel Sánchez is concerned, science fiction is temporary fiction. In his not-too-distant future, an army of cell-size, self-propelled nanorobots will do enormous good. They’ll be injected into our bodies, where they’ll hunt down tumors and deliver targeted medicines. They’ll save our rivers and oceans by cleaning up contamination. The bots will be our friends. [ERN - With friends like these...]"

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