Peek-A-Boo Mother!$#@*^ !


In the 21st Century, it can be said, we will experience a level of surveillance, literally, inconceivable heretofore by humankind. We are all now very familiar with closed-circuit television, robotic traffic cameras and the beloved intimacy we have all fallen victim to with our smartphones.

It is though, as always, important to look forward into the gathering Evil Robot storm, and realise how all of these, seemingly disparate, vectors will, eventually, converge. The ultimate goal, aside from the darkly humorous notion of human beings getting casually lased in the streets by super-intelligent machines, is the preceding event; the absolutely precise geo-spatial-locating of the human beings in question.

The ever finer, ever more energy efficient and increasingly ubiquitous dragnet in which we will find ourselves (ultimately culminating in the, fabled, and long-envisioned, Smart Dust) is, in fact, being constructed. Again, As always, we counsel...vigilance!

See here below one further step toward the dust...

Seriously, I just saw that...

"According to Wood, it could be useful in 'basically any situation where you want to have low cost and distributed sensing [that] would be too difficult or too dangerous for a human.'

It might also have some pretty handy surveillance applications.

A robot bug that can land when no one is around and then stay quietly attached to the ceiling, without the need for audible motors, and that can wait to take off until no one is around, could be quite a boon for would-be spies."

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