Though We Shouldn't Need to Elaborate...


Talk about throwing down the gauntlet; witness the below. As far as we are concerned, this is an open declaration of war. Having covered the Evil Robot beat for a little while, it has become part and parcel of the experience to be able to savour the droll complacency with which journalists and, in many cases, actual scientists and engineers, seem to so easily, and eerily sardonically, quip about what you and I might, legitimately, consider to be the inherently profane.

We've covered in these pages many animal-like robot simulacra for which little purpose could be imagined other than target capture. Here we have another exciting development in the rapidly unwinding tale of us becoming the hunted.

What is becoming a remarkably consistent thread in these stories, is the banal candour with which, the precise worst negative outcomes of these types of technologies are, explicitly, stated and then summarily explained away as coincidence to the machine's actual, supposed, function; amazing.

This highlights the battle for the last days of fleshy beings not only being one of engineering, but also, insidiously, one of an accompanying broken human psychology; be vigilant!

Gotcha' B****!

HINT: You are the impala in this scenario...

" Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland did. They taught a robot to behave like a predator and hunt "prey," or a robot controlled by a human, using special software to aid the robot to mark its target and pounce.

The applications of these lessons for the predator robot are a lot less terrifying than thinking robots are about to start hunting the human race [ ERN - Do note the, indelicate, "switcharoo" here ]. It's about creating software that could potentially allow a robots to both take a look at their environments and then discern a target in real time. "

Full (and shameful) Story @ Engadget