The Jig Is Up, Put Down The Candy, And Let The Little Boy Go...


A seminal turn in the coming Robot Wars has been reached. This is seemingly very subtle, but actually belies a chilling sea change in the psychology of the way industry and society views the "robot problem". The below article details the recent, hasty efforts of our good friends, and Evil Robot Acolytes, at the University of Texas at Austin. They are prognosticating the out-population of the whole of the planet Earth by hoarding swarms of robots.

While we tend to agree that you will indeed be encountering increased numbers of infernal machines, numbers that will put you well outside your comfort zone; we are though, taken aback by the forecast that their numbers will actually supersede that of humans. The reason this forecast gives us the chills, is not that it infers that in excess of some seven billion robots will eventually be created, but that it more strongly suggests a precipitous decline in the upright mammalian population of the planet.

Even were the Technocratic Omni-Machine to work at its most feverishly conceived efficiency; hard to imagine those kind of numbers, no? Therefore, we can only assume, unfortunately, wholesale slaughter...

Break Yo'self Foo!

image: Paramount Pictures

" 'Humanoid robots will likely one day outnumber humans, which means each person may need to handle multiple humanoid robots,' [ ERN - which implies, does it not, in addition to a precipitous rise in the number of machines an, at least as precipitous, decline in the human population? ] they wrote.

With this future in mind, the University of Texas academics have devised software which helps them control a humanoid robot through the sorts of web browsers most of us use to access the internet on our smart-phones and computers. "

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