Death From Above (Fully Automated)


We've all, in this gruesome latter day of technological slaughter, become uneasily familiar with the concept of drone warfare. Our (The United States) government's chillingly "laissez faire" attitude toward this flavor of combat has been thorough and, largely, regrettable.

The saving grace had been that you had the comfort of knowing that it took a certain level of Military Industrial Complex logistics and know how to accomplish these feats of robotic..."interdiction". So, Joe and Jane six-packs like ourselves wouldn't be on anyone's target list nearly that far up the chain; right? Well, we are speaking mostly for ourselves here; we've no idea what kind of shenanigans y'all are getting up to (nor do we, really, want to know) but we are, here, for the most part, straight.

This bit of cinema verite below however, gives us a clearer insight into what any regular individual with a little disposable income, a really big back yard and the ability to shop on the Internet (this would probably be "dark net", to be fair, but nonetheless...) can bring to bear. A frighteningly effective device, no?

Full Story @ This Russian Badass' Youtube Channel ( you really must fear-respect this gentleman... )