Intel CEO Controls 'Swarm' of Robot Spiders; Well, of Course He Does...


Intel Corporation, the nominal leader in worldwide semiconductor production; here in the still toddling years of the 21st Century, a truly enviable position. To have the proverbial birds eye view of an, truly, ecstatic revolution in the course of human affairs. What greater heights could the contemporary polymathic business entity hope to reach? Why, putting a horde of robotic legions at its whim; naturally.

Below you will see a brief vision of things to come. Simple enough, almost cute even. Built upon though, and brought to a heftier scale, you've got a very tempting skeleton of an idea. If these precious little guys where ten feet on a side, sheathed in graphene-coated titanium plating and, say, being guided by a properly agitated riot squad; "cute" might not be the term you would use, if'n you were on the receiving end of a pod of these.

If the, also toddling, first stages of Evil Robot Journalism [ ERN - Do you feel the "E.R.J."? -- Zing! Coined it! ] have taught us anything, it is the importance of extrapolation. We've progressed in a very short time frame, little more than a decade, from the innocuous "flip phone" to mobile devices that rival in power any desktop computing platform of that same era.

it is important to realize that the pace of technological development isn't simply linear, but something more on the order of exponential. Which is to say, the more it progresses, the faster it is, likely, to accelerate in its progression. So, the expectation of a more fully formed, not to mention numerous, demonstration of this technology isn't as far out on the horizon as you might believe.

Duck and cover!

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