Anxious Braniacs Begin to Concede on Problematic Issue of Fake, but Rigorously Competent, Intelligence


The veritable laundry list of technologists, thinkers and women and men of science in general, are beginning to form a fairly formidable quorum around the issue of Artificial Intelligence (the premonitory shock wave of the actual appearance of gut chewing Evil Robots). Bill Joy, Nick Bostrom, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates all chiming in [ERN - We assure you, there are many more]; no dunce caps there. Now, as well, The Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees, and hey, that guy's no slouch. So, in the gathering digital white noise that will, eventually, become our fog of war, we see the modern sages huddled and whispering; "That can't be good...right?"

" We’re witnessing a momentous speed-up in artificial intelligence (AI) – in the power of machines to learn, communicate and interact with us. Computers don’t learn like we do: they use “brute force” methods. They learn to translate from foreign languages by reading multilingual versions of, for example, millions of pages of EU documents (they never get bored). They learn to recognise dogs, cats and human faces by crunching through millions of images — not the way a baby learns.

Deep Mind, a London company that Google recently bought for £400 million, created a machine that can figure out the rules of all the old Atari games without being told, and then play them better than humans. "

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