See Jane, See Spot. See Jane Run From Spot. See Spot...Oh My God...


Our good friends at Boston Dynamics, who are it seems, our most prolific regional (Eastern United States) creator of unsettling things; have now added another model to their increasingly high-visibility "Dog Series" of highly mobile, and disturbingly robust, robots.

This smaller, apparently lighter, model is the little brother of the Big Dog. This suggests significant progress in the design, component organization and the overall efficiency of this machine, which is probably a bad thing.

Our College Station correspondent, Lurch, ever vigilant in the South Central Region, was quick to bring this to our attention. We've brought it just as adroitly to yours. What motivates Boston Dynamics, do you think, to forge these little harbingers of doom? That is to say, where does its ultimate market lie, would you think? They would, no doubt, be making similar robots just for fun, but at this level of expertise and complexity, there is, similarly little doubt, that they see a lucrative production market somewhere in their not too distant future. Again, what might be your best guess as to where that market might lie? An open ended question; we will give you time to consider while we soothe you with a little "ERN Shock Doctrine"...

Look out now!

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