Invasion At "Swarming-dy"


A lot of times, one thinks of being crushed by a giant titanium claw or being ground into hamburger by clobbering, servo-driven fists when one thinks of demise at the hands of Evil Robots. There is a growing "liliputian" aspect to the whole scheme that is sometimes overlooked though.

Imagine if you were to go to sleep one night, only to awaken to the terrible realization that a swarm of tiny collaborative robots have constructed a cage around your unconscious form! Seems to be well in the realm of science fiction, no?

Well, as it turns out, such a scenario is ever closer to non-fiction. The fantastically clever minds at SRI International are busy as can possibly be bringing the potential of this type of technology into eye watering focus.

"Take a look at the speed of these micro-robots, created by SRI International; a swarm of up to 1,000 of the tiny robots can work together on tasks.

(Magnetically Actuate Micro-Robots)

The research powerhouse says the bots can construct lightweight, high-strength structures; handle tiny electrical components; carry out chemistry on a chip; and perform many other manufacturing tasks. Eventually, they expect that the machines, the smallest of which are no thicker than a dime, will even be able to build smaller versions of themselves."

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