Like A Velvet Glove, Cast In Iron


You might expect a gnarling tungsten-carbide saw blade, or a dull weapon barrel that spurts forth highly energized plasma or a vicious nerve gas to be the method by which you might be utterly destroyed at the whim of an Evil Robot. We suspect that all of these scenarios, actually, will come to pass.

You shouldn't lose site though of the much more insidious end of the stick, as it were; the development of a deft, supra-intelligent even...delicate simulacra of the human hand itself.

Our ever vigilant Pelham Bay correspondent: Snackwrap is always suspicious of badly behaving machines, especially hands, and pointed out this unsettling example we see here below.

"Shadow, however, is extremely life-like in its demonstrations. It’s a tad bit slow at times, and it lacks tactile feedback, but watching it in action you can almost imagine its human. Of course, Shadow Dextrous Hand weighs a bit more (4kg), is made of aluminum, resin, and polycarbonate, and has twenty motors. Still, seeing the sort of advanced movements and controls in this hand make me believe that fully functional humanoid robots aren’t that crazy of a dream." [ ERN - Not a dream, no. We can assure you though it will be very...very crazy... ]

@ 01:24 - "Coochie, Coochie, CRUNCH!"

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