Ye Olde Robotic Society - A.K.A. You Just Got Union-Jacked


Ah, fair Albion, the storied land of a grand old monarchy, the heady writings of William Shakespeare and soon to be ground zero in the explosive advent of Evil Robots; huzzah!

The robotics academics, researchers and societal planners are about to go "the Full Monty" in their plans to revolutionize the nation's infrastructure to deeply incorporate autonomous robots into every nook and cranny of their social order.

It hearken's back to the golden age of technology's idea of humans being freed from the drudgery of their common labors , a la the "homes of the future". Everyone can just lounge in their smoking jackets and thoroughly enjoy their piping hot cups of tea and saucers of butter biscuits while the robotic worker class joyfully toils away.

Our Pelham Bay correspondent: Snackwrap reports the below tale of amazing naivety on the part of the United Kingdom. God save the Evil Robotic Queen!

'ello guv'nah!

" If everything goes according to plan [ ERN - Ha! Do be serious...], robots will decommission British nuclear sites, service offshore oil and gas rigs; zip Brits across the skies and deliver their pizza. Garbage-bots will also collect trash and carebots will look after the elderly. Life will be simpler, easier, and more efficient when humans let robots do all the work, so that we can do everything else. "

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