A Hint Of Musk


Another technology heavyweight has added his two cents to the increasingly notable debate about the advent of Artificial intelligences. Elon Musk on June 17, 2104, was interviewed by CNBC Finance's Disruptor 50 which gauges the 50 most disruptive private companies, Mr. Musk's ongoing concerns are currently number one, with a (hopefully silver) bullet.

What he has to say here is quite reserved and non-commital, but reading between the lines we can take away volumes of meaning from this. Consider that he has invested, substantially we assume, in Vicarious, the burgoening artifical intelligence company. Not for "a return on ivestment", he says, but rather, "to keep an eye on" the fast this developing area of science.

Prick up your ears, as these brief and subdued comments are actually signaling tectonic shifts in the popular perception of the techonological-germ-brain, which will be deeply concerning to your situation on this planet going forward. Indeed, as Elon suggests, probably other planets as well, as there will be no fleeing this downpresser.

Also see our previous similar forbodings from another titan of technology, Bill Joy, here and here.

" Still, Musk's sentiments match an increasingly serious approach to the notion that self-aware computers could one day impact the fate of humanity. Although milestones such as computers passing the Turing Test are hailed as accomplishments in the field, fears of "the singularity" — the moment when artificial intelligence starts to improve itself without our help — are increasingly represented in mainstream pop culture and even in academia. "

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