Hyah Mule! Hyah!


How do you train robotic systems for the, wholly forseen, Robo-geddon that they will evenutally visit on all of us? You've got all of the funding, you've got a substantial brain-trust, but where is the experience?

Well the best way to teach an A.I. how to "swim" is to simply throw into the deep end of the pool. Even if it goes massive fail, probably gonna' kill something, right? Then, you go back to the warehouse, pull another one off the shelf, adjust it for a very slightly less massive fail, and you kick it out of the door. easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Here is a protoype of the AirMule built by a soon to be headliner in Evil Robotics, Israel's Tactical Robotics which, before you know it, is going to be doing the proverbial backstroke in heaven knows how many now burgeoning conflicts.

It is proposed, apparently, as a "combat-neutral" cargo/rescue vehicle. Also, axes are just for chopping down trees, yeah?

Heeeere's AirMule!

" If you saw The Dark Knight Rises, then you no doubt remember the very cool-looking Batwing aircraft in which Mr. Wayne flew over the streets of Gotham. Perhaps you thought that while it was pretty impressive, there was no way that anything like it could work in real life. Well hey, guess what? The Batwing-like AirMule VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) prototype aircraft recently demonstrated its ability to fly autonomously, bringing it one step closer to carrying out a full mission demo. "

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