A Sliver Of Sanity Erupts?


In the arena of Evil Robotics, the notion of ethics is, well, loose at best. It may be that in the mad gold rush for innovation, profit and power, that many engineers are fairly confident that the ends will adequately justify the means used to achieve them.

The below story though, hints at a sort of dissention in the ranks of the Wild, Wild West of the creation of high functioning machines. A robotics company that Google has recently acquired [ ERN - be sure to see the below here ] has made, as a caveat to its acquisition, a "requirement" that Google create a board of ethics in order mediate what plans and executions Google may make with their company's technologies.

This is a very interesting development, as it means that a, presumably, world class group of software and hardware engineers have inherent concerns about how their intellectual property may have broader effects on the world at large. That is to say that, from our perspective at least, they have outstanding concerns about exactly how "not evil" Google is going to be willing to be going forward. Hmmm...

" It’s fair to assume that the smart folks at DeepMind have thought deeply about AI and its implications. AI is very powerful technology that is largely invisible to the average person. Right now, AI controls airplanes, stock markets, information searches, surveillance programs, and more. These are important applications that can’t help but to have a tremendous impact on society and ethics, increasingly so as every futurist predicts AI to become more pervasive in our lives. "

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