The Advent of "Multi-Purpose Tools"


Unfortunately, we are now never at a loss for examples of exactly how bad the idea of letting automated machines take "human-harmful" [ ERN - As we predict, they mostly will be ] actions actually is. We often hear retorts of, "alarmist!" and "Luddite!" to which we merely reply, "A wood chipper is great at chipping wood, but perhaps not soley at chipping wood"; if you follow our meaning...

To which we often, predictably, only get slightly baffled scowls in response; which we actually, although with some humilty, tend to appreciate. So, by way of extending this example, we would like to introduce the below multi-functional widget of flesh separation. We can just imagine a scaled down version being integrated with one of these and, voila, self-serve human sushi robot.

"Manual filleting of fish can be a time-consuming task. Due to higher salaries in Nordic countries, processing of fish caught there is often carried out in places like Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where labor costs are lower, before the fish is returned to Scandinavia for sale. The APRICOT (Automated Pinbone Removal In Cod and WhiTefish) project set out in January, 2012 to find an automated solution that would keep fish processing local and it has now developed a machine that achieves just that."

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