The Evil Robotic Arms Race ("ERAR") [ERN - Ding! Coooined it!] is coming along swimmingly, for the Evil Robots.... Here is an example of a pretty unsettling development. The creation of a new, radically inexpensive, amazingly powerful, form of synthetic muscle. All the better to smash you with my dears.

What if you were to replace one of these:

With one of these:

'nuff said...

" 'The energy per cycle that we obtain from these artificial muscles, and their weightlifting abilities, are extraordinary,' says Baughman. They can lift about 100 times heavier weight and generate about 100-times higher power than natural muscle of the same weight and length.' When Baughman says power, he's referring to the the rate at which these artificial muscles perform (i.e. the work they carry out per unit time). It's a measurement that most people are accustomed to hearing expressed in units of horsepower. Buaghman's fishing line muscles can generate about seven horsepower of mechanical power per kilogram of polymer fiber. That's the kind of power-to-weight ratio you see with jet engines –about five-times that of your typical internal combustion engine. "

Full story @ io9 God bless 'em...