What You Can Expect 1.5


There are, actually, very many theories, expectations, forecasts, prognostications and so forth, about what the actual inception of a "legitimate" artificial intelligence into the networks and "real world" of humankind might be like. It has to be said, also, that we might be wise to look to Hollywood, absolutely last, for what a cogent interpretation about all of these, potentially horrifying, developments might be like.

Since, though, Hollywood's cultural influence is so, seemingly, insurmountable, we think that it's probably not such a great idea to ignore it entirely. Plus, they make it all look so "sexy", don't they?

Therefore, we will offer the below snippet of the "end of the world as we know it" for your consideration. While we think that it would be unwise to see it as the very cloth from which Evil Robot domination will be cut, we're not all that uncertain that it is not a reasonable fictional facsimile.

The "honest" truth, that is to say, no more than our collective "hunch", really; is that the arrival on the human scene of a "true AI", and its consequent material shock troops of Evil Robots is, almost certainly, by its relative definition, beyond our common conception. If you feel like you've got the inside track though, don't be shy. We're not proud, the era of human pride may be about to experience a shocking readjustment. That's how we see it at any rate...

It has been, officially, foretold...