It Begins (Well, it's already well begun, but, you know...)


You have, no doubt, got wind of this one already. Please allow us though, if you would, to accentuate somewhat, the terror...

The horrible synergy of International Mega-Corps and their tangential progeny, Evil Robots, hastens. It is a, fairly, foregone conclusion that truly deft and effective robotic technologies are going to be, at first, maximized by those with the intellectual property and liquid capital to bring them quickly to the fore.

If you can think of a, currently, deeper reservoir of intellectual property and liquid capital than Google Corporation, we would be very interested in hearing about that. So, at this moment, we can take the below development as a disturbingly close warning shot (which is not, in fact, a warning at all, merely a "calibration") across the bow of The Goode Shippe Humanity from our good friends at Google, whose nominal motto is, or was once at least, "Don't be evil". Well...

Their most recent and, we assure you, unholy, dalliance with DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is their aquisition of Boston Dynamics ("...the eighth robotics company Google has picked up in the last six months"), a frightfully competent group of robotics engineers, previously funded for the production of these cutting edge robotic systems by DARPA. (Search "DARPA" and "Boston Dynamics" here on our site for scads more context). The writing, as they say is, clearly, on the wall.

We do not want to condescend, never that. We would encourage you though, to begin to "stack the blocks" about the relevant developments that are taking place here, rather closely now, around you. Vigilance!

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"Search giant Google is expanding its empire of robots by acquiring Boston Dynamics - the company that makes BigDog, WildCat and Atlas.

The firm, based in Massachusetts, has made a name for itself by designing creepy robots for the Pentagon that can cope with difficult terrain and stay upright despite being kicked.

It's the eighth robotics company Google has picked up in the last six months [ERN - If that doesn't give you the screamin' heebie-jeebies, you are scarcely conscious...], but the company has yet to announce exactly what it's planning to do with all those bots. They're under the command of Andy Rubin, who founded Android but now runs Google's robotics division."

Full Story @ [ERN -no fuller exploration of this, tectonic, development Wired U.S.? Why you no report!?]