Well, well, well...


If we've got to spell this one out for you, you clearly have not been paying attention. We will not, however, hold that against you. Cognitive Disonance is a prevelant and challenging battle that we all must fight in these "post-salad" days of human decline. Hopefully though, we can forge on and, eventually, emerge victorious.

As we have mentioned before, Here, (and several other places prior - read on intrepid citizen, read on!) and feel little chagrin in stating here again now, one should never allow a robot, of any sort or description, to impel, inject, induce, infer, force, project, osmosize or otherwise, introduce anything into, or extract anything from, their body. Really, just don't. No good can come of that.

In, therefore, stark violation of what is regular "cannon law" around these parts, try your best not to laugh-cry when you take in the following, positively egregious, inversion of all of your basic, common law, intuitive and absolutely every other sensible expression of, your rights to the evasion of human degredation. Brace yourselves...we give you, Veebot [ERN - Or, "Infection Bot", "Exsanguinate Bot", "Worldwide DNA Database Bot", "Nanite Injectionator Bot"; or what have you...]

"Medical robots are nothing new, and they are becoming more and more autonomous as medical tech continues to innovate at a fast pace. Earlier this year, the FDA approved the first human-interacting robots that will allow specialists to converse with, assess, and even diagnose patients remotely. But could you really allow an autonomous device to find the best vein in your arm, stick a needle in it and then give you a lollipop afterwards? I know I couldn't."

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