Passing The Baton


If you recall, we addressed previously the unwelcome "surprise" that was the PETMAN robot. Well, it looks like our favorite mistake is now all growed up! Also, it looks like it has been tucking well into some bowls of Wheaties.

It gives us some idea of the speed with which these devices are gaining new strengths, equipment and sharper software. If you think the turn around on PETMAN to his descendant was quick, wait till these devices work out the knack of designing and constructing themselves.

One of the ostensible purposes for this device is gaining access to disaster areas where it would be too dangerous for a human first responder to enter. As part of that function, ATLAS, for that is it's name, will have to demonstrate the power and dexterity to move and negotiate "rubble". That is to say, the same level of dexterity it might take to pop open a human skull like a can of 99 Cent Store beans.

This prototype technotronic demon will be demonstrating this, and other eerily human hunter-like skills, at the DARPA Robotics Challenge in December of 2013 in Miami Florida. So, if you feel like a few Mojito's while witnessing the creeping descent of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens, into ash bin of biological history, head on down!

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