What's Gotten Into You?

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There is so little in today's widely networked world that we can truly call our own. Our conversations, digital, and increasingly actual, are being recorded and duly databased, stored for future painstaking analysis by our Evil Robot Overlords. Our faces, bodies, and even our own unique ambling gaits are imaged, analysed via advanced biometrics and, again, duly cached.

Well, there is always the insular safety and comforting warmth of one's own thoughts. We can always sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the rich store of images, notions and memories that are so uniquely our own; a precious respite.

Neuroscience is now discovering though, or should we say, is now allowing to be revealed ( there is a crucial difference ), that technologies exist which may very well allow the "inception", ( interesting choice of words, no? ) of false memories into the mind.

It is always important, while keeping an ever watchful eye on the Evil Robot without, to not ignore the frightening potentialities of the "inception" of the dark seeds of the Evil Robot within...

The, no doubt bustling, Neuroscience Department at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology are preparing a delightful mnemonic joy ride into the sanctum sanctorum of the human mind. Don't worry though, once they've turned your hippocampus over like a troupe of desperate bandits would a shanty hovel, you probably won't remember a thing...