You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That


What, actually, constitutes an Evil Robot Overlord era of domination? A question that, in our mutual human "fight or flight" instinct and, almost, constant state of adrenal fatigue ( duly warranted, we would argue - [ERN] - Note the Wikipedia article's blithe disregard of the validity of this, now, veritably ubiquitous condition ), begs to be addressed.

Well, we've given this question some thought, and, as we frequently express here, there is more than one way to skin a cat; a cat that is in this case, suspiciously human-like in almost every relevant respect.

As we, also frequently, point out here, on this frighteningly relevant blog, not all Evil Robotic schemes are purely contemporary. Some are eerily historical, others are "futuristic" beyond the imagination of the general populace. The point we are trying to make, and to get to stick in the collective craw, as it were, is that it is adequate vigilance, and little else, that will help you come to an understanding comprehensive enough to, truly, prepare you for what is at hand.

To wit, we are offering you this entertaining sampling of troubling technologies, courtesy of Popular Science Magazine. Take a close look at the array of anti-human weaponry that they catalogue here. Take further note of the possibility that these weapons, each and every one, might come into the future (current?) arsenal of artificially intelligent machines. Far fetched you say; not possible? Well, you won't find many naysayers on this end of the block; we can tell you that, without any hesitation whatsoever. You can get with this, or you can get with that...

"Cyborg animals, psychotropics and flying lasers are just some of the terrifying weapons government labs have cooked up over the years" [ERN - Indeed...with your taxpayer dollars, one might have hastened to add. Ahhh, The succulent flavor of evasion in PopSci's Evil Robot Journalism...]

Full Story @ PopSci (For shame, PopSci, for shame!)