It's All Fun And Games, Until Somebody Gets Hurt

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Well, the shenanigans continue apace and, I guess that it's appropriate that they should continue at the epicenter of shenanigans, San Diego Comic-Con. Adam Savage, of Myth-Busters fame, cozies right up and adjacent to a, truly, unholy creation currently termed only, "The Robot". He's beside himself with glee. We can only assume that he is even now being fitted for his own black robes and taking the solemn vows of the Evil Robot Acolyte.

This unit was created by WIRED Magazine in a mere 24 days. We would hope that we would not have to encourage you too strongly to extrapolate what sort of end product a sufficient amount of time and funding would produce along these same lines. Something, certainly, that would not give you the giggles...

We presume that there is a fleshy human within this particular model, but we will soon be rid of those entirely, eh?

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