"Washing The Delicates"


There is little doubt, that as we approach, what some would term as "The Singularity" [ERN - We here, refer to it as "The Duplicity"] that there will be a, rather embarrassing, concurrent, "singularity" approaching you personally, somewhere in the region of your pants.

This will be a particularly nefarious point of strategic approach by the Evil Robots, and all thoughtful persons should take heed. Just as genuine carnal fallibility has been a well understood historical weakness of humankind, so will the insidious plethora of artificial carnality be, an immense, stumbling block to the proper perception of robots as being appropriately thought of as evil.

So, when you have your first opportunity to wedge your fiddly bits into some new, shiny and, no doubt, darkly, sentient machine, or vice versa, we caution you to gird your loins and resist! There is no telling, positively, no telling what that contraption is going to do to your wholesome man, and or, lady parts.

Don't say that we never tried to do anything nice for you...

"The year is 2050 and a group of men are heading to a brothel in Amsterdam

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