It's All Fun And Games, Until Somebody['s Brain] Gets Hurt


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't extract biologically viable brain cells from your friend's brain, culture them, and use them as a neural network to control an operationally adaptive Evil Robot, now can you?

There are however many of the staff of University of Reading UK, Cybernetics Research Group, who can, and are actually hell bent for leather on the whole issue. This is actually a delightful treatise on rat brain co-option, though we expect that you can read the writing (hastliy scrawled in human blood) on the wall with this one, can you not?

If this doesn't give you the absolutely creeping heebie-jeebies, you need to head on down to the Soul Station and top off your tank...

"...Led by divisive part-human cyberneticist Kevin Warwick, the scientists extracted brain cells from the rats, cultured them, and then used them as a guidance control circuit. Electrical impulses go in, and the responses that come out then drive the device's wheels. The cells are living -- they can form new connections -- meaning that the robots can learn. "

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