Where Are They Now?


Once you begin to track the infernal creep of Evil Robotics you may begin to ascertain a certain degree of "Horror Fatigue", that is to say, that the cavalcade of current stories on this subject may begin to build, and one's sense of perspective may be overcome by the sudden realization of one's own imminent doom.

We hesitate to "force" vigilance, but take a look at the following story, which wholly precludes contemporary stories and shows you how sophisticated the issue has been since before some of us where even born. Then, eat your Wheaties, get hydrated, and steel yourself anew. It's a marathon, not a 50 yard dash...

Evil Robotics is, like, groovy man!Evil Robotics is, like, groovy man!

"This is a robotic dragonfly. If I told you that some company had just invented it and it was flying around today, you