Upward Mobility


The ability to evade danger is a comforting thought; see the danger, assess the danger, high-tail it in the opposite direction from the danger. It sounds so natural, you know, like "fight or flight". It seems we will have to begin considering the "fight" option much more closely now.

Our good friends at DARPA and, a consummate favorite in Evil Robot development, Boston Dynamics, are parlaying their embarrassing amounts of funding and rigorous intellectual property assets to make sure that even the most fleet of foot rebel gets caught up to and receives their Evil Robot comeuppance!

I Can Haz Human Flesh?I Can Haz Human Flesh?

Steady holding up the Evil Robot WorldSteady holding up the Evil Robot World

"It would be scary to be chased by a military robot. It would also be scary to be chased by a cheetah. So, imagine what it would be like to have a military robotic cheetah sprinting after you. Such a scenario could one day be possible, as robotics company Boston Dynamics recently announced that America's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded it a contract to design and build such a ... critter. The contract also includes the creation of an agile, bipedal humanoid robot. It's hard to say which one might ultimately be creepier."

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