Thanks For Having Our Backs FDA, Thanks So Much


In a perfect world, or even a moderately not insane one, we would be able to actually count on the Food and Drug Administration to assist us in keeping infernal pieces of circuitry on the outside of our brains. As it turns out though, we are on a far distant rock from that magical place.

Given a casual review of the sorts of things that make their way down the exceptionally wide cattle gate, as richly sluiced with cash as it is, of approval at the venerable agency, it comes as no great surprise, but a painful one, that they fully intend to let the Evil Robot Acolytes have their way with you.

Here we see a furtherance of the absolutely eager stampede to get dubious tech into your everlovin' noggin.

Oh, we're gonna take you there...Oh, we're gonna take you there...

"Robotic arms controlled by a microchip in a patient's brain will serve as a test case for a Food and Drug Administration plan to expedite [ERN - "expedite"; so that's what they're calling it these days...] development and regulatory reviews of new medical technologies."

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