Stompy, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp


Well, it seems we are not going to have a lot of luck preventing ourselves from going down the gore-slicked luge course of Evil Robot domination. It seems like we're hardly going to even try...

A giant 4000 pound robot ride sounds like fun, doesn't it? Just try not to trample your fellow human beings during your exciting child-like adventure as, we heartliy assure you, "Stompy" surely will, once it's got a mind of its own. We'd like to warn you that this development is absolutely imminent. Yeah, but you don't want to hear about all of that ol' doom and gloom talk, do ya? Go ahead, enjoy!

Get Away From There Dan! For God's Sake, Get Away!Get Away From There Dan! For God's Sake, Get Away!

"Hopefully you have a big garage. This baby is 18 feet wide, 10 feet tall, weighs 4,000 pounds and will be powered by a 135-horsepower propane engine.

Considering the scale of this thing, it