The Squirming Twists And Turns Of "The Uncanny Valley"


The diabolical twin approaches of the creation of Evil Robots are, the infernal foundries of their hardware and the dark sorcery of the creation of their software, the dark seed and the bitter egg that will come together to birth horrible, horrible things.

This is a strong cautionary tale from both the software and hardware sides of the equation. The naive worker bees, who work slavishly to imitate the natural in games, animated films, other digital media and with machines that seek to simulate humankind, have themselves come to realize the unsettling feeling that what they are doing brings about, even to them, the creeping feeling of unease that we will all come to feel, and all too soon.

Listen to this interview [ hit the "Read More" link at the base of the post ] from "On the Media". Feel the fear in the voices of the minions of the Evil Robot Overlords, as they recognize the folly of their own creations!

My Evil Robot twin...which I made...for "fun"...My Evil Robot twin...which I made...for "fun"...


"For the animators of films and video games, creating a truly human looking and acting character has long been the holy grail. But making characters close-to-real and yet not-real-enough leaves them in what's called the 'uncanny valley' where audiences find those characters unsettling, unnatural and zombie-like [ a.k.a. The "Self Preservation Instinct" - ERN ]. OTM producer Jamie York looks at how the entertainment industry has dealt with this issue and what the 'uncanny valley' tells us about ourselves and our future."

The "business end" of The Uncanny ValleyThe "business end" of The Uncanny Valley

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