The Seeds Of Robotic Propaganda, You Think It Can't Happen?


At first blush, it seems like, you know, what's the big deal? Artificial intelligences are blathering on about the Tarheels game, where's the harm in that? Please allow us to gently remind you that, well, robots are evil...and that an algorithm of sufficient sophistication that it can cogently troll a database, and assemble data about every single Division 1 basketball team in the country, and form that data into a cogent reportage, bodes well for its ability to, eventually, control an Evil Robot that will run you down and impale you with, say, a randomly handy stopsign pole.

So, while these systems bide their time putting sportscasters out of business and, mark our words, eventually playing all kinds of havoc with the lives previously very successful sports bookies [ERN - We are actually actively taking odds on this in Vegas well in advance] , take a little time to look forward. Imagine the intervening season of dismay, when the Evil Robots have their own, fiendishly clever, Minster of Evil Robot Propaganda! An entity that can patrol the world networks in real time and produce for you the most insidious, thorough and delicious pablum that you could possibly imagine. All, of course, leading to the eventual extinction of mankind. Unless you are an ERN reader, you may not even see it coming.

Rest assured though, that yours truly is, in fact, not himself an intricate Artificial Intelligence plying you with misinformation, as, even with the blinding speed of A.I. advances, it will be some time before a machine intelligence can produce such a uniquely curious, some would say irresponsibly substandard, interpretation of technology journalism. So, you can rest easy on that account.

Glib Sports Reportage of Dooooom!Glib Sports Reportage of Dooooom!

"Here come the robo sports journalists. While people in the media biz worry about content mills like Demand Media and Associated Content spitting out endless SEO-targeted articles written by low-paid Internet writers, at least those articles are still written by humans. We may no longer need the humans, at least for data-driven stories. [ERN - And eventually need them only as raw biomass to fuel our infernal machines of destruction]"

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