Robots are becoming increasingly evil and, thus, news...

For decades our best science-fiction writers, government whistle blowers, leading technologists and fear-mongering crackpots alike, have been warning us of the imminent arrival of our "Evil Robot Overlords". That is to say, the arrival, "on the ground", near you, of autonomous and, quite possibly, wildly unfriendly artificially intelligent machines of various flavors and descriptions.

This site has been created to help you, the citizen, stay abreast of the ins, outs and general reports of horror, that will no doubt be forthcoming in our unavoidable and, probably, monstrously bloody, clash with our own misbegotten robot progeny.

So, please, make all due use of this resource as we attempt to guide you through the coming pre-apocalyptic, dystopic whirlwind, that is, Evil Robot News.

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Also, please, Note: this, on the whole, is intended to be a blog consisting of "Black Humor" and not well, really, an "unbalanced doom-saying screed"; but hey, judge for yourself...

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