Robot invented to "crawl through veins"

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Well, in exploring this especially low hanging fruit we've discovered that Israel is willing to be sure that they will not be "out-creepied" by DARPA and that they are also world leaders in Evil Robot Science in their own damn right.

With a diameter of just one millimeter, a tiny robot has been unveiled that will crawl through the body to diagnose artery blockage

"Scientists from Israel's Technion University have unveiled a tiny robot, made using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, purportedly able to crawl through a person's veins in order to diagnose and potentially treat artery blockage and cancer.

The little robot - with a diameter of just one millimeter - has neither engine nor on-board controls, instead being propelled forward by a magnetic field wielded on it from outside the patient's body."


It should go without saying, that the staff of Evil Robot News heartily discourages you from imbibing, injecting, rectally re-positing, transdermally or otherwise taking robots into your body, or allowing any groups or third parties to do the same to you. On account of...ROBOTS ARE EVIL. Therefore, the consequences of any resulting artery chewing, dramatic mental breaks or any of the, many other, easily foreseeable, "complications" that can come from ingesting EVIL objects, rest squarely on you. Act like ya' know...

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