POLL: Is A Terminator Scenario Possible?

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Some great futurist minds confer on the probability and extent of the possible cruel domination of the human race by, you guessed it, evil robots. Also, speaking in the strictly E.R.N. editorial sense, we told you so...

We [HPlus magazine] ask several roboticists, AI workers, SF writers, and other techie types a simple-minded question. Is a Terminator-like scenario possible? And if so, how likely is it?

David Brin is an SF and non-fiction writer. Among his most influential books are The Uplift War, Earth, The Postman, and the non-fictional The Transparent Society

Of course such a calamity is possible, and nightmares are great fun, in fiction and film. Still, look at the premise. Superficially, the lesson is the same one that the late Michael Crichton taught, every time: "If man sticks his hand where it wasn't meant to go, it will get cut off!" It is the old warning against hubris, as ancient as Gilgamesh. But look closer. From Terminator to Jurassic Park to The Matrix and so on, the real back-story is that the terrible new mistake -- like AI or resurrected dinosaurs -- was done in secret... and as stupidly as possible.

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