Please, Have A Seat. No! Not That One!


In yet another infernal entry in the category of "Things that might be in your home that are not a person or a pet that might be eating people and or pets", as previously covered here and even more grotesquely, here, we can see that the Evil Robot Acolytes will leave no bone unturned in their quest to conjure the very worst intimacies of our coming trouble with people devouring machines.

Why have a safe home, free of carnivorous decorative elements? Throw caution to the wind, your kids will eventually learn to defend themselves. Survival of the fittest and all of that...

Also, big ups to our man Robert Kulwich [ERN - This is a link to his general blog, not this particular story] for his, perfectly apt, instinctual revulsion to this newest affront to our collective safety. We need to send this guy a t-shirt.

"You're not going to like this. I didn't. Nobody I've shown it to has. But the designers who thought it up, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, are provocateurs, so they don't mind if you hate what they've done." [ERN - A mentality, we can assure you, is extant if you look around a bit]

So here it is: meat-eating furniture."

Full Story @ NPR "Sciency Blog" Krulwich Wonders