One Evil Robotic Bird In The Hand, Is Worth Two Evil Robotic Birds In The Bush. On Second Thought...


Agility, precision, dexterity; these are all words which carry historically positive connotations. When applied to the forthcoming Dawn of Evil Robots however, they will definitely turn your lexicon on its head. Having become, generally, the apex predator of our planet, Homo Sapiens has kind of lost the flavor of what it might mean for these notions to not be soley ascribed to itself.

The fact is though, that we are, vigorously, in the process of creating machines that will not only inheret these qualities, but to a magnitude that has been heretofore unseen outside of nature. We will create a veritable minefield of devices, unto the thresholds of our very homes and, sadly, within them, of remarkably responsive and increasingly autonomous technologies, from which "escape" will take on an entirely more complex definition as well.

Have a look at this fine example from the energetic youths at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (keeping mysteriously mum on their website there, you'll notice...)