"Nano-Spiders", Doesn't That Just About Say It All?


In our, what should by now be blatantly, obvious concern for large, bloodthirsty, "macroscopic" Evil Robots, let us not leave our rear guards down and ignore the inherent threat of the very, very, small.

Increasing research in nanotechnology makes it plain that, not only will you be ravaged by the new-fangled creations of the dark priests and priestesses of the Evil Robot Overlords, but that you may not even notice, that is until they handily liquefy your internal organs...

The eensy weensy spider climbed up your gastric tract...The eensy weensy spider climbed up your gastric tract...


"Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line.

The ground-breaking devices outlined in the journal Nature, could one day lead to armies of surgeon robots that could clean human arteries or build computer components. [Or, as aforementioned, quickly turn you into a bloody smattering of goo... -ERN]

In one of the projects a team from New York's Columbia University created a spider bot just four nanometers across. This is about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair."

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Like I said...