Making What Is Creepy, Yet Again, More Creepy


It's not our intention to suggest that "bosses" are, in general, "creepy". That's for you to decide. Only you really know where you're at. Our ERN Pelham Bay correspondent, Snackwrap though, does reveal a little of her own perspective in her latest report bringing to the fore the advent of the "Telerobotic Boss".

Looking over the shoulders of one's minions from afar is an ancient desire of bosses of all sorts and descriptions. Only now, in the bright hot light of the 21st Century, are the fevered dreams of micromanagers finally coming to their ultimate fruition. Whether or not employees will take it upon themselves to adorn the Telerobotic Boss with half-eaten donuts, "kick me" signs or what have you, just out of the visual range of the infernal machine, is anyone's guess. Though we'll take this oportunity to encourage that, at least until the Telerobotic Boss becomes equipped with antipersonnel devices, which will happen, so get your licks in now!

We'd like to impune Microsoft Corporation for it's lack of fundamental humanity in bringing this vicious technology to fruition, but hey, they're just doing their jobs, right? Well, you know what time it is... Do delight yourself with the Evil Robotic Acolyte rhetoric that they sprinkle throughout this piece; "Don't be afraid, yet" indeed...

Full Story, oddly enough, @ CNN Money