Little Computer Shares It's Problems With Network, You


Once we - and we will - begin to merge bodily with the machines the possibility, well, inevitability, that we will begin to share their supposed benefits , as well as their shortcomings, will become increasingly apparent. What happens when the natural challenges that the individual human normally entertains are compounded with the bugs/errors/hacks/viruses of the network and vice versa?

Well, some of our bolder friends at Reading University U.K. are ready to dip a misguided toe into the pool, you know, to see how the water is...

Ouch, that hurts! [not nearly as much as it's going to hurt]Ouch, that hurts! [not nearly as much as it's going to hurt]

"A researcher from the UK's University of Reading has warned of possible future infection issues for recipients of medical implants. The cause for concern is not biological, though. Dr. Mark Gasson's disquiet relates to the fact that as implants become more sophisticated, the computerized systems running them could become prone to virus attack. And to prove his point, the good doctor purposely infected a chip implanted in his hand with a virus, which subsequently spread to an external communication system."