It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's The End Of The World As You Know It!


We've certainly got enough to worry about here on the ground, but it seems that Evil Robots will also be exploring the "orbital vector" to discover new ways that they can rain (reign?) down their loving attentions on us as we stand, stunned, glaring upward in utter disbelief.

The United States Air Force has completed the most recent mission for its Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), The X-37B. This fully autonomous space plane has spent 15 months on its most recent trip, circling the earth with its all too eerie precision. What fun things has this space-going Evil Robot Bird been up to in the far reaches of earth's orbit? Well, that is, of course, not for us to know, which forces us to guess...ill!

The Tessellated Nose Of Evil Robot Doom!The Tessellated Nose Of Evil Robot Doom!

"OTV-1 blasted off in April 2010 and stayed aloft for 225 days, well below the supposed 270-day orbital limit for the space plane. But OTV-2 smashed that limit, zipping around our planet for 469 days before finally coming down today.

Just what OTV-2 was doing up there for so long remains a mystery. Details of the vehicle's mission are classified, as are its payloads. The secrecy has spurred speculation