It Thinks, Therefore It Is...


We bring you, through much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, another eerie foreshadowing of what we might all call, "our doom". In the, no doubt underground, Evil Robot research facilities of Japan and Michigan Technological University a new dark awareness is beginning to take shape.

One step closer toward the intrinsic awareness of Evil Robots. It is one thing to be tracked, hunted, and eviscerated by an automaton at your company picnic, or Bat Mitzvah, but consider the folly of giving these creatures thought with which to harrow you down. In no time at all it'll be an [Evil] "Bot" Mitzvah. Stand ready humankind, stand ready!

Looking:  Longingly at your JugularLooking: Longingly at your Jugular

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"Researchers from Japan and the Michigan Technological University have succeeded in building a molecular computer that, more than any previous project of its kind, can replicate the inner mechanisms of the human brain, repairing itself and mimicking the massive parallelism that allows our brains to process information like no silicon-based computer can."

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