The Heady Joys Of Stockholm Syndrome...


There will be many complex psychological twists and turns in the dim labyrinth of Evil Robot domination. As humankind has learned in its own continuing struggle against it's more violent instincts, one of the most insidious of these warped states of mind is Stockholm Syndrome.

Many of us in the modern technological "West" (people in some parts of the world suffer under no such delusion) mistake the current lack of entrail-chewing, bomb-lobbing evil robots in our streets today, for some sort of expectation of continuing safety. When, in fact, the imminent possibility that they may arrive far sooner than you might think, is the real state of affairs.

Thus, we have the problem of the more naive of us in this Cybernetic Armageddon, actually adorning themselves and, rather lovingly, appointing their own bodies with the likenesses of the bringers of our ultimate ruin.

We here at ERN, well, we hang our heads low when we see our brothers and sisters give themselves over in ignorance to the craven machine. Please check out this story as we take a moment to openly weep.

Get thee to the laser removal parlor!Get thee to the laser removal parlor!


"Robots are intrinsically fascinating, especially now that we almost have the technological capability to create what once was only a science fiction fan