Global (Evil Robot) Future 2045


Some of our best Evil Robot minds gathered in Moscow recently to have a few cognacs and discuss how they can wrap the coming of our Evil Robot Overlords in a candy-like coating that will go down much more easily than, say, an artificially intelligent titanium pincer...

These good people of science and culture will be dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" on the entire future of mankind. Will their utopic visions of the union of mankind and machine come off without a hitch, as they floridly portray in the following video? It is a "Wooden Nickel" of almost unimaginable proportion, in our humble opinion. Have a listen though, to this grave "English Gentleman" as he explains how it's "all gonna go down" (way down, we would guess), ab-solute elitist rot; it would be embarrassing to witness really, if it weren't so imminently focused on our collective eradication:

"The Global Future 2045 Congress is a nonprofit organization with the goal of creating a network community with the world