Evil Robots, Riding Shotgun...In Your Brain...


We often explore the physical intersection of Evil Robotics and human physiology, with the rapid advancement of prosthetic limbs and other pieces of technology. What happens however, when some overzealous technological hack wants to put fiddly "electronical" bits into your actual brain; like, the wet gooey parts of your head.

It seems that such things are, sadly, but unsurprisingly, on the cold, near horizon. Of course these unseemly developments are all couched in well intentioned notions of "curing" depression, epilepsy and all of the other "storms of the natural mind". We, however, see the "curing" to be more of the Virginia Ham variety. We're not taking any Evil Robotic wooden nickels around here.

I feel a little flushed...I feel a little flushed...

"...This toolbox has grown to the point where the strategic utilization of multiple neuro-technologies in conjunction with one another, as a system, may yield fundamental new capabilities, both scientific and clinical, beyond what they can offer alone. For example, consider a system that reads out activity from a brain circuit, computes a strategy for controlling the circuit so it enters a desired state or performs a specific computation, and then delivers information into the brain to achieve this control strategy [ERN - need we point out the troubling wording here? Yes, we need]. Such a system would enable brain computations to be guided by predefined goals set by the patient or clinician, or adaptively steered in response to the circumstances of the patient's environment or the instantaneous state of the patient's brain."

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