Evil Robots are now after your stash

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It is well worth exploring the intersection of Evil Robots as accomplices of the state in infringing on the private lives of citizens. The wily constabulary of the northeastern Achterhoek region of Denmark are now employing wicked mini-choppers to weed out (I know, I know...) the clandestine elements of their local farming communities.

That's right, an itty-bitty narco-chopper that wants to pop your tart for "The Man". Oh Dutch authorities, I am wounded...

Police in the northeastern Achterhoek region have begun using an unmanned miniature helicopterto track down the illegal cultivation of cannabis, which often takes place indoors. The so-called "canna-chopper" is fitted with cameras and a sniffer to take air samples out of ventilator shafts and chimneys. A dedicated gas analyser is able to recognise traces of weed smell in the air samples.

Dutch narco-ChopperDutch narco-Chopper

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