Don't Look Now, Seriously, Don't...


It's a little cumbersome and, perhaps, not the sort of thing that would immediately set you on edge. Once this sucker gets out of "alpha deveopment" though, we've no doubt that it, and systems like it, will evetually be bringing the creeping willies to you and yours very effectively.

It is always worth keeping in mind that every instantiation of bio-tracking, and "human-sensing" technology will build, cumulatively, on each prior innovation. When the day comes, and it will, when some company or other tries to sell you on the idea that some future itiration of a technology like this should be trusted to watch over your home or, heaven forbid, your kids, please resist abdicating your responsibilities to humanity.

"Not every robot is here to make our food, clean our floors or perform interstellar maintenance for us. Some automatons are there to simply be admired... or in the case of GIA (Gestural Interactive Automaton), to admire us. GIA's a robotic sculpture created by Daniel Jay Bertner that is essentially a projector, projection sphere and a webcam attached to a trio of servo-controlled articulating arms. A human face is projected on the sphere, which follows around folks who view it and changes its facial expression according to viewer reactions. Why? In order to "emulate and socially engage" them..." [ERN - Indeed...]

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