Creepy Is As Creepy Does


"Oh, it's so life-like!", can be such a complimentary refrain when applied to, say, a particularly well done painting or sculpture. In the world of Evil Robotics however, not so much so. How will you be able to tell, in the not so far future, when you look over your shoulder, that the unassuming form that you see behind you on the street or, heaven forbid, in your bedroom, is actually a human being and not an entirely other sort of construct?

Well, it should go without saying that, as the cruel mimicry of humans by robotic devices of an, ultimately, evil nature, come to surround us in our everyday lives, you won't be able to tell whether it is or not. So, when your viscera ecstatically coat the nearby surfaces, and you slip into shock, you'll only be certain after the fact. A result that mightily pleases the Evil Robot.

We therefore submit, for your perusal, a particularly unsettling example of this coming phenomenon embodied by the, exceptionally creepy, "Geminoid DK" [ERN - Spread as you will Evil Robot, spread as you will...] android prototype...


Oh Brother Where Art Thou? [Behind You...With An Icepick...]Oh Brother Where Art Thou? [Behind You...With An Icepick...]

Kommen Sie!!!Kommen Sie!!!

Ou est L'Abattoir?Ou est L'Abattoir?

"Okay, I admit it... I found myself wondering whether this was in fact a real robot, or actually a person pretending to be a robot or even a fake robot.

It's not a fake. This is the latest iteration of Geminoid series of ultra-realistic androids, from Kokoro and Hiroshi Ishiguro. Specifically, this is Geminoid DK, which was constructed to look exactly like Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Aalborg University in Denmark."

Full Story @ IEEE Spectrum - Automatons Blog