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Evil Robotic Health Care - The Boss Is Robotic, And Rolling Up Behind You

In all of our recent societal discussions on health care, we've explored so many avenues. The rising costs of care, the methods of distribution of insurance coverage, and many other facets of this admittedly complex issue.

All of these crucial concerns can sometimes obscure the more fundamental issue, which is the introduction of Evil Robots into our hospitals, an exquisite area of human vulnerability. As elite physicians yield even more of their already spare and specious bedside manners to the cold, cold clutches of these heartless automatons.

Once the Evil Robots have established this beachhead at the sickbed, how long before one your loved ones gets a few too many cc's of morphine from one of these invaders?!

Here, hold my cold, cold "hand"Here, hold my cold, cold "hand"


Little Computer Shares It's Problems With Network, You

Once we - and we will - begin to merge bodily with the machines the possibility, well, inevitability, that we will begin to share their supposed benefits , as well as their shortcomings, will become increasingly apparent. What happens when the natural challenges that the individual human normally entertains are compounded with the bugs/errors/hacks/viruses of the network and vice versa?

Well, some of our bolder friends at Reading University U.K. are ready to dip a misguided toe into the pool, you know, to see how the water is...

Ouch, that hurts! [not nearly as much as it's going to hurt]Ouch, that hurts! [not nearly as much as it's going to hurt]

"A researcher from the UK's University of Reading has warned of possible future infection issues for recipients of medical implants. The cause for concern is not biological, though. Dr. Mark Gasson's disquiet relates to the fact that as implants become more sophisticated, the computerized systems running them could become prone to virus attack. And to prove his point, the good doctor purposely infected a chip implanted in his hand with a virus, which subsequently spread to an external communication system."

The Squirming Twists And Turns Of "The Uncanny Valley"

The diabolical twin approaches of the creation of Evil Robots are, the infernal foundries of their hardware and the dark sorcery of the creation of their software, the dark seed and the bitter egg that will come together to birth horrible, horrible things.

This is a strong cautionary tale from both the software and hardware sides of the equation. The naive worker bees, who work slavishly to imitate the natural in games, animated films, other digital media and with machines that seek to simulate humankind, have themselves come to realize the unsettling feeling that what they are doing brings about, even to them, the creeping feeling of unease that we will all come to feel, and all too soon.

Listen to this interview [ hit the "Read More" link at the base of the post ] from "On the Media". Feel the fear in the voices of the minions of the Evil Robot Overlords, as they recognize the folly of their own creations!

My Evil Robot twin...which I made...for "fun"...My Evil Robot twin...which I made...for "fun"...


"For the animators of films and video games, creating a truly human looking and acting character has long been the holy grail. But making characters close-to-real and yet not-real-enough leaves them in what's called the 'uncanny valley' where audiences find those characters unsettling, unnatural and zombie-like [ a.k.a. The "Self Preservation Instinct" - ERN ]. OTM producer Jamie York looks at how the entertainment industry has dealt with this issue and what the 'uncanny valley' tells us about ourselves and our future."

The "business end" of The Uncanny ValleyThe "business end" of The Uncanny Valley

Full Story @ On The Media

The Heady Joys Of Stockholm Syndrome...

There will be many complex psychological twists and turns in the dim labyrinth of Evil Robot domination. As humankind has learned in its own continuing struggle against it's more violent instincts, one of the most insidious of these warped states of mind is Stockholm Syndrome.

Many of us in the modern technological "West" (people in some parts of the world suffer under no such delusion) mistake the current lack of entrail-chewing, bomb-lobbing evil robots in our streets today, for some sort of expectation of continuing safety. When, in fact, the imminent possibility that they may arrive far sooner than you might think, is the real state of affairs.

Thus, we have the problem of the more naive of us in this Cybernetic Armageddon, actually adorning themselves and, rather lovingly, appointing their own bodies with the likenesses of the bringers of our ultimate ruin.

We here at ERN, well, we hang our heads low when we see our brothers and sisters give themselves over in ignorance to the craven machine. Please check out this story as we take a moment to openly weep.

Get thee to the laser removal parlor!Get thee to the laser removal parlor!


"Robots are intrinsically fascinating, especially now that we almost have the technological capability to create what once was only a science fiction fan

As It Turns Out, "Decepticons" No Longer Merely A Fiction

Along with other alarmingly suspect ideas in Evil Robot science, such as, letting a robot drive you around, and another astounding feat of shortsightedness, letting a robot attempt to stab you, comes this less than encouraging development in the area of bald-face lying robots from Georgia Tech researchers, facilitated with your human tax dollars via the U.S. Office of Naval Research. Ahoy Evil Robot, ahoy...[Note: our first report on this dastardly folly]

Megatron was a sweet kid, until he learned the sweet tongue of deceit!Megatron was a sweet kid, until he learned the sweet tongue of deceit!


How Evil Robots Affect Geopolitics Abroad And, Of Course, Soon, "On The Ground", Near You...

This audio snippet exhibits just a smidgen of the effects that you will soon be able to expect as, and trust us on this, the Evil Robot chickens "come home to roost..."

This is an excerpt from an alarmingly cogent report from Amy Goodman of the Democracy Now radio program. If, perchance, you are suspicious about the conjectured "Left Leaning" nature of our source, remember dear, dear Homo-Sapiens; it is not about right or left, but about right and wrong, and, as we can heartily assure you, in every conceivable analysis, Evil Robots are very, very wrong...

She knows the side of the bread on which her "guns and butter" are spread...

Carnegie Mellon University To Corrupt "New Eden"

Now, many people would take radical exception to the portrayal of the current state of the world as a "New Eden". If you had the perceptual rigor though, that we habitually employ here at ERN, to foresee the imminent instantiation of robotic doom over us all, you would agree that these are, in fact, "The Salad Days".

In an epic stroke of symbolism, the anti-human curmudgeons at the CMU Biorobotics Lab have created a more advanced version of the previously reported "serpent-bot" that, prepare to cringe, climbs trees and swims.

If you've ever encountered a natural tree-dwelling snake, that's already pretty eerie. Seeing this monocular horror staring down at you from the boughs though, is enough to separate you from your sanity and no doubt, eventually, your life. Bravo CMU, bravo...

How's about an apple? You monkeys like apples, don't you?How's about an apple? You monkeys like apples, don't you?

"Snake robots can use their many internal degrees of freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes accessing locations that people and machinery otherwise cannot use.

"Nano-Spiders", Doesn't That Just About Say It All?

In our, what should by now be blatantly, obvious concern for large, bloodthirsty, "macroscopic" Evil Robots, let us not leave our rear guards down and ignore the inherent threat of the very, very, small.

Increasing research in nanotechnology makes it plain that, not only will you be ravaged by the new-fangled creations of the dark priests and priestesses of the Evil Robot Overlords, but that you may not even notice, that is until they handily liquefy your internal organs...

The eensy weensy spider climbed up your gastric tract...The eensy weensy spider climbed up your gastric tract...


"Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line.

The ground-breaking devices outlined in the journal Nature, could one day lead to armies of surgeon robots that could clean human arteries or build computer components. [Or, as aforementioned, quickly turn you into a bloody smattering of goo... -ERN]

In one of the projects a team from New York's Columbia University created a spider bot just four nanometers across. This is about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair."

It Thinks, Therefore It Is...

We bring you, through much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, another eerie foreshadowing of what we might all call, "our doom". In the, no doubt underground, Evil Robot research facilities of Japan and Michigan Technological University a new dark awareness is beginning to take shape.

One step closer toward the intrinsic awareness of Evil Robots. It is one thing to be tracked, hunted, and eviscerated by an automaton at your company picnic, or Bat Mitzvah, but consider the folly of giving these creatures thought with which to harrow you down. In no time at all it'll be an [Evil] "Bot" Mitzvah. Stand ready humankind, stand ready!

Looking:  Longingly at your JugularLooking: Longingly at your Jugular

-- ------

"Researchers from Japan and the Michigan Technological University have succeeded in building a molecular computer that, more than any previous project of its kind, can replicate the inner mechanisms of the human brain, repairing itself and mimicking the massive parallelism that allows our brains to process information like no silicon-based computer can."

Full Story @ Gizmag

German Researchers Display Heroic Levels Of Foolishness, Manage To Survive...This Encounter At Least...

Now...there are so many cautions, admonitions, and tails of potential regret rolled into this brief, but terrifying, report, we wouldn't even know where to begin; beyond this ultra naive belief in the neutrality of Evil Robots.

Really? I mean, Really!?

If this is the kind of attitude we're approaching this with, the conclusion is pretty much forgone, we can assure you. Can we not see the Evil Robot writing on the wall?

"Their" proposed outcomes:

"Our" proposed outcomes:

You be the judge...


"The idea of a robot in the kitchen cooking us meals sounds great ( Does it now? - Fools! ) . We better just watch out for that swinging knife ( Ya think!? ).


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